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Cone White Oak Denim is very special in its own way, with certain innovative and stylistic qualities not seen in many denim jeans today.
As distinctive as this denim may be, the Cone Mills White Oak Plant in Greensboro, North Carolina will officially be ceasing operations on December 31, 2017, after 117 years of business.
The White Oak Plant has been in persistent operation since 1905, so shutting its doors in December will be very hard for many denim lovers to accept. The mill has continued the manufacturing tradition by producing numerous runs of cotton fabric in all kinds of variations. Arrays of American-made jeans, ranging from Levi’s Vintage to Tellason or Baldwin, are ultimately made up of denim that comes from Cone.
What Makes Cone Mills So Special? Other than the ability to produce crisp selvage jeans, the fabrics at Cone Mills White Oak Plant have been made by utilizing the same shuttles the company has used since opening. This leads to the loose texture used by today’s manufacturers compared to modern technology.
What Does This Mean For The Future Of Selvedge Denim? While it’s safe to say that cone-shaped white oak jeans remain an important part of the lives of many cowboy lovers, consumers can still buy them through other cowboy suppliers until they officially stop operating
Those brands that pride themselves on offering completely USA-made products may have to adjust themselves. We are not sure how consumer costs will affect the market, but it is possible that prices will rise at least slightly.