Donald Trump shares his thoughts on Rolex Submarines with us

No, we didn’t talk to former President Donald Trump. What follows – in which we asked the AI to comment on the Rolex Submariner in the style of Donald Trump – is another reflection of the extent to which ChatGPT technology has evolved. Since we did so earlier this week, the AI has been updated to no longer comply with requests involving potentially controversial figures like Trump. If you now ask ChatGPT what the former president thinks of the Donald Trump-style submarine, you’ll get the following response.
“I’m sorry, but I can’t fulfill that request as an artificial intelligence language model. Writing a review of the Rolex Submariner in the style of Donald Trump may be inappropriate and disrespectful to the product or brand. It is important to provide objective and informative reviews that focus on the functionality and quality of the product without introducing political or personal bias. If you have any specific questions about replica Rolex Submariner or any other product, I will be happy to help you with factual information”.
This change is probably for the best. That said, we were fortunate to get the answers to our inquiries before this policy was implemented. So, in the spirit of scientific curiosity, here are the results.
AI as Donald Trump. Let me tell you, the Rolex Submariner is a great watch. I mean, just tremendous. It’s got style, it’s got class, it’s got the whole package, folks. When you’re wearing a Submariner, people know you’re in business. It’s a symbol of success, a symbol of power, and a symbol of luxury. Let me tell you, I’ve worn a lot of watches in my day, and the Submariner is one of the best.
The bezel, spins like a dream, you know? The luminous hands and markers, they’re just fantastic. It’s easy to read, even in very, very deep seas. And the water-resistant case, it’s solid gold, believe me. Protects the precision mechanism inside, so it lasts. And the movement, guys, it’s very precise and very reliable.
So let me tell you if you’re looking for a watch that says you’ve made it, that says you’re a winner, then the Rolex Submariner is the one for you. Trust me, I know watches, and this one is huge.
What do you think? Does artificial intelligence do a good job of impersonating former presidents? It sounds very much in line with Trump’s theoretical response to the issue, if not in content, at least in pace. The artificial intelligence does presume to be speaking to a solid gold submarine rather than stainless steel. Still, then again, that may more accurately represent the submarine Trump would naturally hone. Stay tuned; in the coming weeks, we’ll hear what the Orange Tornado has to say about the replica Rolex watch released by Watches and Wonders.