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We recently asked some Facebook fans what their favorite jeans are, and almost all the answers were rough jeans! Denim is also one of our favorite fabrics, and we thought this might introduce everyone to denim and the wonderful world of fading. Is denim your favorite denim? Let us know!
Raw Denim is just what it sounds like: denim fabric in the rawest form. Generally, denim gets treated with a wash after being made but raw denim is not washed or distressed at all which leaves them with their true deep color. Sometimes, it will also come as selv a little stiff edge denim but this isn’t always the case. Generally, denim is a pure cotton blend, which can feel due to the weight and may be a little uncomfortable for the wearer. Over time, the fabric will eventually soften.
Raw Denim is particular in the way that it fades. The color of the fabric will eventually fade in a way that is unique to whoever is wearing them. The wear is exactly what makes individuals so excited about this fabric. It transforms right before your eyes and molds to the wearer’s body. Many people strive to break out of raw denim jeans, almost like a life story. Your jeans will grow with you until the first wash.
Those who wear raw denim try their best to not wash it. Wear them for as long as comfortably possible before washing them. Many wait as long as 6 months to ensure that the creases and mold actually set into the fabric.
After the first wash, the indigo color will fade a bit and leave behind your unique pattern of creases. Some also decide to soak their denim rather than fully washing them. You may want to soak the denim in warm water to get rid of any loose dirt. This can also help the fading process of your raw denim jeans.
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