good dress work home

good dress work home

One of the best things about working from home is that you can finally get rid of those constricting suits you wore to the office. There are no more slacks without stretch in the waistband, no more blazers pinching around the armpits, no more dry-clean only garments, and thank the Lord, no more bunion-inducing high […]

giveaway linky

giveaway linky

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Fast and Easy Beauty Tips for Work-at-Home Moms

There are two major problems with maintaining a beauty routine when you’re a work-at-home mom. The first is that you have to work around a tight schedule that involves squeezing your work into pockets of time that occur between familial obligations like feeding the kids, taking them to school, and running errands. So already you’re […]

accounting dos donts wahms

The fact is that pretty much anyone who works in any field of business knows that it’s important to make “doing the books” a top priority. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t think about this fact until tax season rolls around.However, if you ask any seasoned accountant or tax attorney, one thing that they will tell you […]

7 tips online class wahm

7 tips online class wahm

Online classes are perfect for those of us who work from home, especially busy moms. Whether it’s getting a professional certificate or a higher degree online, there are plenty of opportunities to use a flexible online schedule to your benefit. But, it does require a major adjustment, as any online course will be a time […]

5 ways kids excited learning

Every child loves to learn – but some just don’t know it yet. Let your kid drop the pencils and textbooks for backyard fun and field trips. He’ll be too busy having fun to realize he’s learning. Support their interests and hobbiesNurturing your child’s interests is one of the most basic, yet important, ways to […]

5 ways home office comfortable

Working from home should be a comfortable experience, however if your office space is not set up properly, you may not want to spend time doing your work! It is essential to have a functional but comfortable space set up in order to reduce the temptation to wander to the kitchen or the living room […]

5 Fun Family Weekend Activities

The week is long and there’s so much to do. With work piling up, kids that need to be driven to school, soccer, and playdates, and a house that, despite your frequent remonstrations, has not yet learned to clean itself, you may have little time for fun during the Monday to Friday grind. This makes […]

5 DIY Paint Project Ideas

It’s always good to have a little paint left over from a recent paint project for just-in-case touch-ups. But when you have a bulk of leftover paint to spare, why not put it to good use and spruce up your home with some color? These five easy paint project ideas (plus some bonus inspiration) will […]