2021 Popular Tissot Heritage Memphis Limited Edition

As if we needed more proof that the ’80s are back, Tissot has released this new limited edition watch.
With 80’s week upon us, we are pleased to see that Tissot has recently announced the reissue of an avant-garde model from the late ’80s. Based on the work of Italian designer and architect Ettore Sottsass, this is the new Tissot Heritage Memphis Limited Edition, a collection of four quartz-powered replica watches that are bright and bold with a particularly ’80s-inspired look, taking their name from Sottsass’ Memphis Group. Available in 34mm and 41mm sizes (two versions of each), the Memphis LE is not a direct reissue, but a redesign of the original 1988 model.
Although the original model was introduced in 1988, Tissot is combining the launch of the new Memphis LE with the 40th anniversary of the Memphis Group, founded by Sottsass in 1980 and focused primarily on producing a unique, colorful, and an often controversial assortment of furniture (they have of course also experimented in other areas of experimentation, including watches).
Driven by the Swiss PreciDrive quartz movement, the Memphis LEs are traditionally gender-specific, with Tissot explicitly positioning the smaller (and pink strap option) 34mm version as a ladies’ model. That is to say, the 34mm is a mid-sized model for anyone, while the 41mm version takes the graphic up a notch, and neither is specifically gender-specific (just buy the size you like). The design uses an uncommon lug shape and recessed crown, the dial design is all about contrast, with large hands for the hours and minutes (plus a small disc in the middle for the seconds). All of this combines to make a fake Rolex watch that looks both very functional and, visually, quite striking.
Any of the four models will be available with two plain leather straps, both in conservative options and in more Sottsass-approved specifications with additional colors and contrasts. While deviating somewhat from the original design, the 2021 Memphis LE does look fairly faithful to the spirit of the 1988 design, and the overall vibe is largely untouched.