5 ways home office comfortable

Working from home should be a comfortable experience, however if your office space is not set up properly, you may not want to spend time doing your work! It is essential to have a functional but comfortable space set up in order to reduce the temptation to wander to the kitchen or the living room throughout the day. Comfort will help you office space feel more relaxed and will provide you with the energy necessary to get your work done while enjoying your office space tremendously. Here are 5 ways to help make your home office more comfortable.

Many would argue that the most important element in any office space is the desk chair. A comfortable chair can make all the difference in your office. A quality chair should be comfy and cushioning. In addition, it is extremely important that your desk chair can provide you with great spine support so that you can sit at ease for long periods of time. Poor home office seating can make you more irritable and achy throughout the day. Discomfort will make it harder to concentrate or focus on the important tasks you are responsible for completing. A comfortable chair should be supportive for your back. A chair should also be adjustable so that your chair is at a good height in proportion to your desk space.
Another way to add comfort to your home is to incorporate area rugs. Rugs can instantly make a space much warmer and more inviting for you as well as for your clients. In addition, you can purchase throw pillows for any couch or chair spaces to add a cozy feel that will mesh with the style of your home. These two decoration options can soften your space while adding a pop of color and style.
Include a beverage nook. Having things accessible in your office will allow you to stay in the central location, which will help to keep you on task and satisfied. Keep beverages and snacks convenient and easy to get to. Having a small coffeemaker such as a Keurig on hand with “K-cups” can be a great way to get your java jolt quickly to encourage you to keep working hard! Also, clients will appreciate having the option to enjoy tea or coffee when they come into your office for an appointment. You may choose to have cold water on hand to stay refreshed and hydrated. Just make sure this area is separate from your other workspaces to avoid spills, stains, and other food or beverage related accidents!
De-cluttering your office space can make it more comfortable and will make the space easier to work in. A clean space is a more efficient space. The best way to remove clutter is to hide wires and cords that can get in the way and even trip you up! Run cables along the wall and use products designed to help hide these wires. Also, try to purchase a wireless mouse or other devices that are wireless such as electronics for music. In addition to wires, de-clutter by having a space for everything. Be sure to purchase filing cabinets to store important paperwork instead of just piling papers in a corner or on a shelf. Keeping yourself organized and neat will help your workday flow and will provide you with a more enjoyable space.
Make sure that the temperature in your office is optimal! Keeping yourself warm or cool enough will drastically impact how comfortable you are working in your home office. In the summer, be sure to utilize central air or install a ductless unit in that particular room. If you do not have heating in this room, be sure to install a space heater. In addition, a ceiling or floor fan can do wonders. These fans circulate the air to keep your space warm or cool depending on your needs.
Working at home should be a benefit and a luxury. However, if you do not enjoy your space you may find it difficult to focus and concentrate on your work. Making efforts to improve the comfort of your office can drastically improve your ability to work consistently and effectively all day long from home. Be sure to keep your home office temperature comfortable by installing area heaters or having air conditioning tune ups. You can also purchase a supportive desk chair, lay rugs, have coffee on hand and de-clutter your space. All of these tips will help you to add comfort and coziness to your home office space!