Life is about learning and sometimes our best “teachers” are the mistakes that we make. This probably could not resonate more accurately than when we hire someone, only to realize shortly thereafter, we’ve made the wrong hiring decision.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right? If you’re someone who is in the process of looking through resumes to decide who you are going to hire for a particular position, we want to provide you with some things that other employers learned when it came to knowing if they picked one of the “best” or “not-so-great” for their company:

They are constantly late. It was actually Dr. Phil who once made a really good point about tardiness: That when we are late, we are being arrogant because we are basically sending out the message that we believe that people will wait on us. At work, time is definitely money and so people who can’t respect your company enough to show up when they’re scheduled is a pretty big red flag.

They don’t take directions well. Some people are qualified for their job, but they feel like they are so competent that they don’t need to be told anything. No supervisor or manager wants to spend so much time debating with an employee that work cannot get done. If you are getting a lot of complaints about work being turned in insufficiently or late, that also is a problem.

They have an attitude problem. When people are in job interviews, it’s a lot like a first date. They are trying to make the best impression possible so, of course, they are going to put their best face forward. However, if after hiring them, they are moody, they have a short temper or they can’t get along with their co-workers and you have received several complaints regarding these facts, that’s definitely letting you know that there’s a huge possibility that you picked the wrong person.

They can’t do the work. Whether it’s a job in America or a position that requires training people for jobs in Saudi, there’s a significant chance that the person you hired may have “exaggerated a bit” when it came to their resume in order to make them look more qualified than they actually were. Sometimes people will say that they have graphic design experience when they’ve really only built a couple of WordPress templates or that they are a writer, when it’s more like they have a blog for fun without much real journalism or publishing experience. Some things take people time to know how to do, but if it’s been a couple of months without much progress, that’s another indication that your employee is not the best fit.

They do a lot of complaining. The first week or so that someone has a new job, they are probably going to get pretty “up close and personal” with human resources. However, if they are in that office more than they are at their own desk, this too shows that you probably didn’t get the right person. This doesn’t automatically or necessarily mean that you need to fire them, but there is (traditionally) a 90-day probationary period for a reason. Use that time to really decide if that individual is someone who you want for the long haul or if you need to go back to the drawing board and hire someone else— someone who will be the right hiring choice.

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