Working from home is an ideal situation for moms that need a second income in order to support their household, or even for those who remain in the household to raise their children but want to keep their career going at the same time.  Whatever your reason for continuing to work while you stay home with the kids, you might not have realized at the outset that taking on the dual roles of mother and breadwinner would take their toll on your relationship with your partner.  But like any relationship, you need to be willing to put in the time and effort to make it work; otherwise you could find yourself alone in the child-rearing arena.  Here are just a few reasons to make time for your marriage even when you feel like you’re pulled in a million directions.

  1. You need a break.  You wear two hats each and every day, splitting your time between kids and work.  It’s a lot of pressure and it can easily put a strain not only on your marriage, but also on you.  Spending quality time with your partner will give each of you an outlet for the stresses of daily life and help you to remember that there’s more to life than meeting deadlines, shuffling schedules, feeding and cleaning up after kids, and virtually giving your life to others.
  2. When you’re happy, everyone’s happy.  When the person who runs the household is under pressure, everyone feels it (the kids, your spouse, and of course, you).  But a solid marriage that boasts two parties working together will keep things smooth on the home front and allow for a more fulfilling environment to live and work in.  When you make little efforts (bestowing compliments, smiles, kisses, and hugs throughout the day), you’ll get the same in return, making both of you feel happy and loved.  And you can ride that wave of energy day and night, making every experience more positive.
  3. You’re in it together.  There’s simply no reason that you and your spouse should be taking your stresses and agitations out on one another.  You should strive to be a united front, whether you’re dealing with the kids or the world at large.  It’s not always easy to lay aside negative feelings rather than lashing out at the nearest person, but realizing your own faults and making an effort to treat your partner with love and respect will go a long way towards keeping your marriage on track.
  4. Problems take more time and effort.Once things start to go south, it becomes much more difficult to get back to where you were in the beginning.  Even if you go to therapy (or save some money with marriage counseling online), you might not be able to get past whatever problems are plaguing your marriage.  But if both of you make a conscious effort from the beginning to work on keeping your relationship strong, you’ll have far fewer problems to deal with down the road.
  5. No job is worth losing your family.  It’s almost expected that mothers will put their children ahead of everyone else, including a partner.  But when you give your work more importance, as well, it may be too much for your spouse to bear.  Just remember that it took two to make children and there should be two to raise them, as well.  If you neglect your marriage in favor of your work, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself when your family falls apart.  And no amount of money is worth that outcome.

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