Most people don’t give much thought to the art on their walls. Which, frankly, is a real shame, for if I see one more bloody vintage Campari poster, I will quite simply spew.

With all the other nonsense one must deal with in their everyday life, wall art can slip to the bottom of the list of priorities quite easily. When you consider what a dramatic impact the stuff on your walls can have, it’s perhaps worth re assessing those priorities. A dank, unwelcome space can be rendered bright and liveable with a well chosen piece of wall art. Nobody understands this better than the folk at Entanglements.

Wall  art can create a very strong statement regarding your current tastes, preoccupations, and state of mind. As a morose teenage lunatic, I expressed myself through lurid posters of bandaged zombie girls falling out of school lockers and elaborate collages of horrifying world events with captions like ‘Have a nice day!’. Ohhh, controversial. So I thought, not realising the irony of a pampered private schoolgirl railing against the injustices of the world.

Customised metal art is a fantastic way of adding character (that’s guaranteed not to alienate in the manner of a ‘meat is murder’ photo collage) to your living spaces. Additionally, metal art can be used for outdoor spaces, creating the impression of an outdoor living room. As our suburbs fill to bursting point, it’s increasingly important to properly utilise our outdoor spaces. By simply enclosing a section of your backyard, scattering some comfortable furniture about, and installing an eye catching piece of wall art, you’re creating another room of the house.

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