Whether you’re working from home to try to earn an extra income (even as you save on the cost of childcare) or you run an eminently successful business that is the main breadwinner for your family, you are likely still interested in ways to save your family money (especially since you have the future of your children to consider and college is no small expense, even if it is years away).  And the continuing economic recession certainly isn’t helping matters.  But while you’ve found numerous ways to cut back on the grocery bill, embrace the three Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle), and even trade babysitting with other families in the neighborhood, you may not have taken the time to consider the many ways in which you can reduce expenditures where your vehicle is concerned.  Here are just a few ways to cut back on car costs and save a lot on transportation.

1.       Type of car.  Did you know that the type of vehicle you drive could be responsible for additional fees when it comes to insurance and registration?  You likely have a four-door vehicle of some sort for family use, and this is pretty smart since two-door options are going to cost more to insure.  But did you know that the model year can make a big difference, as well?  By owning a newer vehicle, you are definitely going to pay more for registration, but older cars tend to use more gas.  So where’s the happy medium?  If you feel like a new car is the best option for your family, at least look into certified pre-owned vehicles, which cost a lot less initially and often come with a full warranty.  And don’t forget to use the purchase as a write-off if it will primarily be used as a work vehicle (for meetings with clients, shipping, etc.).

2.       Type of insurance.  If your car is paid off, then you can easily drop the full-coverage insurance you’ve been paying out the nose for and switch to much more affordable liability (all that is required in most states).  Of course, you should also shop around with different insurance providers to make sure that you get the best rates for the same coverage.

3.       Gas.  This is one expense that has been on the rise, and not just because of inflation.  With all the trouble in the Middle East right now, you’re going to be shelling out even more money at the pump, so why not consider making your next car purchase a hybrid or electric vehicle?  You may pay slightly more initially, but you’ll get that money back every time you go (or don’t go) to the gas station.

4.       Ditch the dealership.  The dealership offers a very compelling argument when it comes to visiting them for service instead of competitors: if you don’t you’ll void the warranty.  But once your warranty is up, there’s no reason to continue paying top dollar for simple services like fluid changes (or even more in-depth repairs).  Instead, find a local mechanic that you like and trust and save some money by frequenting their establishment instead (at a reduced cost).

5.       Teen driver discounts.  If any of your kids are now old enough to drive, you are likely footing a pretty big bill for insurance.  Find out which companies offer discounts for safe driving (clean records) and good grades.  You may be able to save a couple hundred dollars a year on their insurance, and that’s nothing to sniff at.

Jennifer Kardish writes for compare car insurance where you can find cheap car insurance rates that will suit your needs.

Image source:  vehiclevibes.com

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