Every work at home mom knows that we have to take our job’s just as seriously, if not MORE seriously, as a work-a-day business woman out on hernine to fivejob. Because we’re often forced to spend less time at the office or in front of our computer with our actual work than regular employees we have to make sure that we maximize concentration of the work we actually do. So how do you optimize that between trips to the doctor and grocery store and picking up the little tikes from school 5 times a week? One more way that makes a huge impact is to always make sure you carry a set on business cards on you.

That’s right, business cards. For a fairly negligible purchase price you can buy business cards that will not only increase work related productivity on the go, but enhance your ability to find and hold new clients, new vendors, and new employers. If you’re working freelance or not than a business card can be the next best thing to a portfolio when you’re out and about and don’t expect to have a run in with a potential business partner. Having a stash of them in your purse can make or break an impromptu meeting no matter where you are.

The business card is essentially acting a small resume, giving a brief insight into who are you and what you do while saying very little. So little, in fact, that it’s ok to keep certain information off your card. As long as there is enough information to make contact with you afterward (usually just a website will do) than having additional contact information might be seen as superfluous. Simpler is better. The less you’re inundating the card reader with the more it will stand out. Your name, a clever logo, and a primary method of contact is often enough to instill a strong mnemonic connection from your card and increase the chances of getting a positive contact.

In addition to this your card might be the only thing that differentiates you from your competition. After a long week of meeting other prospective business partners it might be difficult to piece together just who said what and when. Having a card tied to that can make the decision making process lean in your favor. Also we can’t forget that simply getting your name out there and disseminating who you are and what you do builds reputation. Reputation builds respect in your field and that will, overtime, generate income.

There are a million different little decisions you can make when it comes to business card creativity. Just remember to design a card that speaks both to you and for you. It should sum you up as concisely and perfectly as you can build it to. And remember to always carry a few on you. If you need to give someone information, even if it’s not related to anything via your business, always make sure to write it on the back of your card. It then doubles as being both a sign of professionalism, as well as a reminder that you take your job seriously.

Image source:  blog.tinyprints.com

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