Have you made the decision to run your business, consult, or freelance from home while raising your children?  If so, your world can be fulfilling and lucrative at the same time, but it can also have its pitfalls.  Isolation, loneliness, and disconnection from your peers may loom at the end of your busy days, and make you wonder if you’ve given up a vital part of your existence:  the social interaction that is so necessary to a healthy, balanced routine.  Meeting other women and getting out of the house will recharge your battery and put the fun back in your life.  Your professional dynamism and the joy of motherhood will also benefit if you take time to pay attention to your need to get out there and mingle with likeminded moms who share the commitment of combining a career and being with their children fulltime.

1.        Get a Membership at the YMCA.

Joining the Y gives you the opportunity to work out while the kids play in the daycare center, swim, or participate in sports activities. Exercise eases stress, provides health benefits, and makes you look and feel great!  Chances are you will discover other working moms on the treadmill next to you, and your children will make new friends as well. A family membership will give you a break on the monthly fee, and you can go whenever it suits your schedule.

2.        Find a Book Club.

If you love reading great novels and having stimulating discussions with kindred book lovers, a book club may be just the thing for you.  Search online to find book clubs in your area, or check in with your favorite book store for information.  Some clubs are for women only, while others combine a night out at the movies to see a film related to the current volume of interest.

3.        Take a Class.

Have you always wanted to try your hand at watercolor painting, or learn the basics of French?  Taking a class in something you thought you’d love, but never had time for when you were in school lets you be creative, develop a new hobby, and connect with other adults. You may even want to go for that Master’s degree that you’ve been dreaming of.  Contact your local university or community college to explore the possibilities.

4.        Play Groups.

One way to locate a play group that will be entertaining and lively for you and your kids is to call a preschool or childhood learning center in your area.  These facilities will often be tapped into community resources.  Your local library may post playgroups with openings on a bulletin board.  Ask your friends and neighbors if they know of any established groups that they would recommend.

5.        Spa Days are a Terrific Getaway.

Pampering yourself at your favorite spa or salon is a way to reap that extra reward at the end of the week.  While this is probably not going to be a daily activity for you, the benefits of a soothing massage, pedicure, or facial are not to be underestimated in gratifying your body and soul.  You’ll come home refreshed, glowing, and ready to face the next day’s tasks.  When you pour your energy into your vocation and your family, this kind of rest and relaxation makes it all seem worthwhile.

Jennifer Kardish writes for Air Purifier Guide where you can read about the top 10 sources of indoor air pollution and browse the latest reviews on air purification systems.

Image source:  neighborhood-kids.com

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