A loud sound is filtering down the hall into your room. You lazily glance at the clock on your nightstand to see a glaring green 6:30 A.M. sign flashing in your face. Your husband is still fast asleep as you nudge him, at first, gently, then roughly to go get the crying baby. He mutters something inaudible as he stumbles out of bed. It’s been three months and the child still hasn’t slept through the night. Which reminds you, it’s been three months and you still haven’t worked off all of that baby fat. You think about all of the excuses you have made these last few weeks and frankly, you are running out of them. You have a cold? Already taken. You really should finish the laundry? Check. There is far too much work to do? Used that one yesterday. You realize it’s been a little more difficult than you thought adjusting to life, working at home and getting in your much-needed workouts with two children, two dogs, and a workaholic husband. The noise of the baby dies down as your husband grumpily slumps back into bed. He thinks he is allowed to go back to sleep, but instead, you hit him and loudly exclaim in a state of epiphany, “The family needs a work out plan and you’re going to help me plan it!” You frantically tear off a piece of paper from a notebook lying on your nightstand and begin your list, your husband sleepily gawking at you.

  1. Walk to school. If you live close to your children’s school, set a goal to walk with the family to drop off and pick up your child. This is great way to not only save gas, but to ensure the safety of your child. It is a great start to the day and allows you some extra time to get to know the area you live in. For some families, mornings are the only time spent together, so by initiating a walk, quality time is spent with the family.
  2. Join a gym. Most gyms have a care center for children, which not only allows them time to socialize with other children, but allows you time for your much needed workout. It is important to allot specific time to yourself during the day in order get that energy you need for the rest of the afternoon. The gym is a non-stressful environment that enables you to bring your family along with you, but uniquely gives a moment to yourself.
  3. Buy a workout DVD. If you are too busy, or can’t afford a gym membership, buying an exercise DVD is a great way to include the whole family in on your workout routine. A DVD can be played over and over, which allows you to lose weight in the comfort of your own home. It is simple and easy, allowing the work-at-home-mom a convenient way to get in that exercise time. Plus, the luxury of a DVD is that you can pause it and re-start whenever you want! Perfect for the busy mom takings calls and sending emails.
  4. Blast some music. Sometimes all a mom needs is a moment to let lose. Designate a half-an-hour to getting down with your family. Children love music and what better way to get out all of their wild energy then to dance together as a family. This is a fun solution to getting in some exercise while creating lasting memories together.

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