This is the time of year when people are excited—excited about leaving the past behind them, while at the same time, making present plans for an even better future. If one of your goals as a work-at-home-mom who has your own business is that you want to be able to make it an even greater success, then you definitely need to have some solid business promotion techniques in place.

In honor of making your already busy day a bit easier, we have done some of the research for you and supplied you with a list of the top five things that we believe will help to get the word out about your company in a really effective way:

Don’t underestimate Facebook. Just about every business has a Facebook fan page, and with good reason. By having one, you are able to establish contact with managers who have a similar platform to yours; you can promote your company to your “friends” and theirs; you can use a link from the site in your other forms of business such as newsletters, your company website and even via e-Signature; you can add their QR code to your business cards and you can also use Facebook’s advertising programs to advertise what you have to offer.

Network. Although another huge benefit with social media is that thanks to websites like Twitter and LinkedIn, you have a free way to network, make sure that you branch out of cyberspace as well. Connect with a couple of charities that have something in common with your company. You might want to offer some of your products for one of their raffles or fundraisers. Make sure to attend local seminars and business functions. And yes, always have your business cards handy.

Create a newsletter. Thanks to companies like Constant Contact, not only are you able to send out professional newsletters to your subscribers, but it also helps you to keep a database of people who either have been a customer or could become one. Something that just about everyone likes is giveaways and coupons. Make sure that at least once a month, you offer one or both. It’s a good way to keep the current customers coming back and to “bait in” the ones who may still be “on the fence”.

Stay in touch with local press. One of the things that a lot of businesses fail to do is cultivate personal relationships with local media. By establishing a certain kind of rapport with news reporters and radio announcers in your city, that significantly increases your chances of getting coverage from them. So, send them relevant press releases, keep them abreast of monthly events or sales that their readers and listeners would like to know about and invite them to a function or two. Even if they say “no” to 9 out of 10 of your attempts, remember that if they say “yes” to one of them, it was worth it.

Have a personal touch. Who doesn’t have some store signs? Who doesn’t have a website? What makes companies stand out from the rest is when they go above and beyond by providing a personal touch. People still appreciate getting holiday cards in the mail (not email, but the actual mail) and receiving a “Happy Birthday” greeting (that can be via email or mail). It sends the message that while you are about “doing business”, you’re also about carrying about your customers too.

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