Starting a business at home is a great way for any mom to earn a living, and there are more resources available than ever before, for helping you achieve your goals as an entrepreneur. As you begin to solidify your business plan and turn your ambitious dream into a reality, you can take advantage of many great online resources to help develop your business. Google+ is one of these resources. Though it is viewed by some as little more than a social media network, Google+ can be tremendously useful in helping get your WAHM based business started.

After logging into Google+, you should be able to easily find the “Create a Page” link in your sidebar. This link will take you to the beginning of your journey toward using Google+ as a business development platform. Decide what kind of page you are going to make for your business. There are several options available, including local business, product or brand, and company or organization. Choose the option that best describes your business to get started on building your page.

Enter all of the basic information that Google requests about your company. You’ll have to decide on a page name, select a category for your business, set your visibility restrictions and provide a link to your website if you have one. More information is better at this stage, so provide as much information as you can in order to help Google better index your page and increase your potential for exposure to online audiences.

In the next stage, you’ll start entering more detailed information and customizing your page. Give your business page a catchy tagline that will draw in new visitors–some kind of slogan that relates to your business, products or services. You should upload a profile photo for your business at this stage as well. Use a high quality image of your business’s logo so that your viewers will easily identify your business by its image. If you don’t already have a logo, get started on developing one! Give your business an exciting introduction paragraph, and list all of your contact information as well. When you’re finished customizing your Google+ page, share it through your personal profile and any other social networks that you use.

Google+ has great potential for developing your business in several exciting ways. Almost everyone knows that Google is the undisputed ruler of search engines on the web today, and creating a Google+ page for your business can have a great impact on SEO for your website. There is also a great feature on Google+ called “Hangouts,” which you can use to talk to customers and employees face to face. This feature allows for 10-way conversations, making it the ultimate conference calling tool.

Use your Google+ page to connect with your followers and keep them updated about business developments. List your page with directories like ApahcInc to increase your exposure even more and watch your business grow tremendously. Google+ is a platform with the potential to expand your WAHM business, so don’t hesitate to get on board and drive your business to new heights.

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