What’s mommy up to these days? She is using a cloud based service to make her home business vastly more well-organized so that she can focus on the important things in life like raising children and enjoying motherhood. Work at home moms are a rapidly growing influence in the workforce and are evolving right alongside cloud computing to make working at home vastly more productive and efficient. If you are a work at home mom and are not using the cloud you are missing out on all the incredible benefits. Here is how WAHMs can utilize cloud computing for their home based businesses.

For one, all you’ll need is a laptop and a cloud computing platform. No matter what your business is you won’t need all that fancy equipment anymore. For work at home moms, you can literally take the walk in closet and turn it into your base of operations. All of your files and even the software you use can be accessed on VCloud automation center servers so that you never have to worry about your own software or equipment crashing. Without all this equipment, you can save both money and space in your home, because after all, your house is still your house and not a multinational corporation.

Yet, with cloud computing your walk in closet can virtually have the same power as a multinational corporation. Most of the operations that took you up to 90 days to complete, could take you a week’s time with cloud computing. In the old days, only a major company with multiple employees working around the clock could operations be completed that fast. This can be a huge boon for stay at home moms who might lose customers as a result of such long turnaround times. Now, not only do you have competitive rates, but also you can complete tasks at lightning speeds.

WAHMs can also utilize cloud computing to increase security. If you have encrypted information that you wouldn’t want in the hands of cyber pirates, like customer credit card information and social security numbers, your best option is to move to the cloud, because other modes of operation and file storage are extremely susceptible. Not only that, but your hard drives can risk breaking or files might accidently get erased. With cloud computing you won’t have to worry about losing information or having information stolen, because it will all be in the cloud with heavily encrypted pass codes. The cloud is essentially like an impenetrable vault.

Lastly, and possibly more importantly, cloud computing can offer work at home moms the ability to be on the go. No more do you have to be chained to your desk as your children constantly bang on the door for attention. With cloud computing you can do everything you do on your laptop, on your smartphone or tablet, which can give you unprecedented multitasking capabilities. So, next time you take your kids to the park, you can still run your business and not fret about being late for a meeting or not being able to turn an important prospective in to a client. At the end of the day, cloud computing is perfect for work at home moms.

Photo credit: mommiesmagazine.com

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