Nothing is quite as bad as working for someone who is convinced that he is a fantastic boss when really, he’s kind of a jerk. Working for a bad boss can be terrible for anyone. Luckily there are ways that you can help your bad boss become a really fantastic boss. Here’s how to do it:

Learn to Communicate Effectively

If you really want to help your boss become a better boss overall, you need to be able to demonstrate that you are also trying to be a better employee. For example, stomping into your boss’s office and demanding that he make you a part of “the loop” is not nearly as effective as asking for a meeting and then talking about wanting to be a more productive member of the team and asking to be included in the communications process. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to enroll in a program that will teach you (and your boss and anybody else at work who might need some help in this area) effective communication skills.

Figure Out Specific Problems

What, exactly, is it that your boss is lacking at work? Does he simply order you around? Do you feel like he keeps all of the best projects for himself? Do you think he plays favorites? Before you can truly help him be better at his job, you need to figure out what the exact problem is that has been driving you crazy. If it’s a little bit of everything, that’s okay. There are lots of different ways to help refine a boss with rough edges. Simply pick the problem that you think is the worst and start there. If he’s always late, suggest that setting his watch five minutes ahead might be helpful or tell him that his tardiness keeps you from being more efficient at your own job. Jumping on his case about everything at once won’t help anybody. Pick one area to work on, subtly, and then move on to the next.

There is Always Help

Encourage everybody, boss included, to take a leadership seminar. It’s true—even the lowest person on the totem pole can benefit from learning better leadership techniques. If your boss is hesitant (people who think they are already fabulous rarely see the benefit of these types of things right away), explain that it will help everybody—even him!—be better at what they do. The more leadership potential there is in his employee base, the less he has to worry about delegating things.

Don’t give up! Just remember that helping your boss be a better boss is in everybody’s best interests. Sure it’s fun to simply sit around and grouch with your coworkers, but if you aren’t going to try to make the situation better, all that the grouching does is perpetuate a bad situation. Be proactive! It’ll make you feel better!

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