There are few choices available in stylish maternity clothes at your local shopping malls that are comfortable and affordable. For me, while pregnant, shopping online was easier and better than getting out in the crowds, especially during the summer months.  At Trendy Tummy Maternity you will find stylish designer maternity clothes, nursing clothing and accessories.  You will also find Organic Skincare & Products.  Be sure to take advantage of savings by shopping the Sale Rack.

Expecting moms will absolutely adore these trendy maternity clothes.  The image below is the new Lilac Maternity Katherine Empire Waist Dress – Bark (one of my favorites).

About Trendy Tummy Maternity

Taken from Trendy Tummy Maternity-  Trendy Tummy Maternity was created when founder and owner, Catherine Adderson, was just over 8 months pregnant with her second baby girl (in 15 months).  However, in order for her to stay home and raise her sweet little girls, she needed an income. Her passion has always been business, which she excelled in.  Ever since she was a little girl, she always had drive and the unmistakable entrepreneurial spirit.  She would constantly think of new products or services the market was either lacking, needed improvement on or a new product/service that would make everyday life easier and more convenient.

As a mother, she knows how frustrating it is when your pre-pregnancy clothes no longer fit and all you can find at the mall are frumpy and unflattering styles.  Not to mention, the energy and time it can take to drive all over town to find some decent maternity or nursing clothes you actually want to be seen in!  Shop with us from the convenience of your home (in your pajamas if you want to- how perfect)!

Another awesome mompreneur!

When you were expecting, did you shop maternity and if so, where?


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