Interested in transcribing from home?  There are general, legal, and medical transcriptionist jobs online that are flexible and pay well.  Most transcription companies require that you have a very good typing speed, accuracy, detail orientated, able to work under pressure and have knowledge of computer operations and applications. To work from home, you will be expected to invest in your own equipment such as a computer, headphones, foot pedal and word processing software. The transcription company will determine whether you will be working as an independent contractor or employee. As an independent contractor, you will responsible for your payroll taxes. I have been an independent contractor for Escriptionist, Ubiqus and Rapidtext. I enjoyed the flexibility, and substantial income that all provided.

Most medical transcription companies require that you have experience. If you do not have experience in medical transcription, there are online courses available. Some recommendations would be M-Tec, Andrews or Career Step. You can find additional approved MT schools at AHDI (Medical Transcription Association) website.  Average Transcriptionist salaries can vary greatly due to company and location. Compensation varies on performance and work availability. The salary median wizard at shows that the median expected salary for a typical Medical Records Transcriptionist in the United States is $34,993.

Below is a list of online transcription companies. A few of the companies are currently hiring. If they are not hiring at this time, check back often. Also, check out the Transcription Essentials Forum. This forum list additional transcription companies and is a great resource for transcriptionist. For those of you that are interested in an international transcription company, Way With Words is an international transcription company that recruits applicants all around the world.

Way With Words (International Company)

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