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Cost plays a big role in the stag weekend. When you think about it, that’s slightly absurd. The traditional stag weekend was actually just one night, down the local boozer with all your mates. It was only when the corrupting claws of big business (even marriage is not sacred!) got their hooks into things that the stag weekend became the thing to do.

What’s the purpose of a stag weekend? It’s basically a corporate idea, designed to bleed you of as much money as possible. This is why most of the advertising around stags bangs on about it being your “last chance for a weekend with your mates”; or “your last nights of freedom” – as if marrying the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with was somehow a bad thing. It’s rubbish. A real stag do is about celebrating existing friendships, not commiserating a future situation. And for this reason alone, the amount you spend need not be very high at all.

So – why spend less for your “last weekend of freedom”?

1: Because all your friends will be able to afford it. I’ve had to say no to loads of stag dos, because my friends had decided that they absolutely had to go to Portugal, or Ibiza or Eastern Europe. Be cost effective and no one has to say no, which means you genuinely get everyone who should be there to come along.

2: Because then you can spend more by comparison on the fun stuff. What I mean is this. If you spend loads flying somewhere exotic (which, let’s face it, you will probably hate anyway) then you have to either watch every penny you spend on food and drink – or come home broke and nauseous. If, on the other hand, you stay local, you can splash out a bit on a nice restaurant and some extra vino, without feeling that you are spending too much,.

3: Because you won’t feel guilty when it’s finished. We all know what it feels like to spend more than we can afford. It doesn’t just make you sick. For some of us it can be a genuine source of long term stress. Why would you want your own stag weekend to end up putting you or your mates in financial difficulty?

4: It’s more fun this way. When you decide to go cost effective, you have to be more creative about entertainment. You’ll probably end up designing the whole weekend yourself, which is inevitably going to make it much more personal and much more fun. I spent less than £100 on my stag weekend, because we all piled round my house, ate pizza and played beach football. Awesome.

5: People who don’t like flying will still come. If you are going cost effective, you aren’t flying. I hate flying, which would genuinely put me off going abroad for a stag do even if I could afford it. No planes means no freakouts, which means everyone comes.

6: You can spend more on your wedding or honeymoon. Weddings are expensive even when you do it cheap. The less you spend on your stag do the more of an emergency cushion you have for when you realise you forgot to order a suit!

Spending less is more rewarding. It’s more fun. And it gives you a more personal stag do. What’s not to like?

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The above article is composed and edited by Roxanne P. She is associated with many fashion and designing communities as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to stag weekends abroad, fashion accessories, mobile applications, etc.

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