Is there anyone in the world who likes receiving a bad business review? After all, if there’s one thing that companies rely on to keep themselves thriving and flourishing, it would definitely have to be the word of mouth that they receive from both their customers and media critics.

Yet, sometimes a bad review is something that we all have to deal with (one way or another). The main thing to keep in mind is that if you know how to handle it professionally and with an open mind, it can end up being a far less uncomfortable situation than you might initially think.

If you find that hard to believe, we’ve enclosed five tips below that can help you to make some good out of a bad review:

Verify the review. There is a lot of negativity out here in the world that is simply for negativity’s sake. Plus, as much as people may want to think otherwise, you really can’t believe everything that’s written on the internet. So, before you do anything, make the time to evaluate if the review is true or false; not in the sense of if it’s “good” or “bad” according to your personal opinion, but if it is literally filled with inaccurate information. If so, you can contact the host of the site and (politely) request that it be removed.

Stay optimistic. On the onset, this tip might seem a bit challenging to do. The main thing that you need to keep in mind is that a bad review is one, an opinion and two, an opportunity to look at things from the “outside in”. Rather than getting down about it, look at it as a chance to improve in some areas that you might not have initially considered before the review was published.

Notify the reviewer. Whether it’s a review featured in a major publication or it was even a comment posted on your company website, one thing that impresses most critics (and customers) is when you make the time to reach out personally to discuss the matter. This is not the time to be defensive, but to simply listen to the reasons for the “negative” statements.

Request some good reviews. When it comes to business reviews, for every “bad” one there tend to be really good ones as well. So, as it relates to your website, make the time to ask some of your customers to post positive comments. If it’s a major publication, consider requesting that the critic patron your company again and perhaps write another review if they feel like the service has improved. Honestly, an updated review from the same person can carry quite a bit of “good press weight”.

Don’t debate in social media. One challenge with having something like a Facebook fan page is that people can comment immediately and so can you. If someone has something not-that-great to say about you or your business, fight the urge to get into a Facebook (or Twitter) “war of words” with them. No matter who is right or wrong, after long, it just appears childish. Bottom line, take your business personally, but not every single thing that people have to say about it.

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