If you’re a Work-At-Home-Mom (WAHM), then you certainly do not need anyone to tell you just how much of a balancing act you have when it comes to making sure that you are able to do your job well, as you do all that you can to make sure that your home runs smoothly.

We’re pretty sure that sometimes you tend to experience days when you wish you had more hours to get things done. We’ve come up with the next best thing. Below, we have a list of what we consider to be our top five maintenance tips for your home. This way, you can feel good about what you do inside of your home office as well as all of the rooms that surround it.

Cook for the week. If you’re the kind of mom who would prefer that everyone in your house has a home-cooked meal, then you know that it can easily take an hour or two out of your day to prepare them although sometimes work will have you consumed way past the time that your husband and children get home. So, why not use a few hours on Saturday or Sunday to cook for the week? That way, when your family walks into the kitchen, rather than yelling out “Where’s dinner?” they can simply heat up what’s already stored in the refrigerator.

Don’t run errands in the morning. There are a lot of moms who will run to the grocery store or post office right after their kids leave in the morning; however, based on all that you have to do, running errands can easily take up a few hours of your time. The morning hours are when most of us tend to be the most alert, so it’s best to get as much work done as you can before lunchtime and then fit your errands in some time after that.

Delegate chores. The fact that you are already working at home and still taking care of your family’s needs means that you’ve earned the “Superwoman” title. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel the least bit guilty for needing help with the chores around the house. Write some kind of weekly schedule to put on the refrigerator of what everyone can do to help keep the house clean. That will serve as a big help when it comes to marking some things off of your “to do list”.

Schedule certain things on “light” work days. Say that you need some plumbing work done from Filan & Conner. As they’re working, there’s a pretty good chance that they are going to want to ask you some questions; ones that will cause you to leave your office several times throughout their visit. This can definitely make things challenging if you have a client or conference call, so make it a point to schedule home maintenance appointments on days when you know that you won’t have quite as much work that needs to be done.

Don’t read your mail (during business hours). When people work in an office setting, one of the first things that they do when they get home is go through the mail. So, when you’re working from home, it can be tempting to run out to the mailbox as soon as you hear the post man drive off. However, reading mail can be pretty distracting and when you’re in the midst of looking at your bank statements, your energy bill and the tuition statement from your child’s school, that can take your focus off of the work that needs to be done. So, make it a point to not go through your mail until you have left your home office for the evening. (You’ll be glad that you did.)

Photo credit: thecubiclechick.com

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