It’s easy for moms to feel lost when shopping for cars. There’s so much on the market to choose from, and a lot of information as well as misinformation floating around. To find the best car for you and your family, keep in mind these top 5 considerations for purchasing a car.

  1. Safety
    Your primary concern in buying a new car should be safety. Look for the cars with driver and passenger side airbags at least. Some cars are now being outfitted with smart airbags that deploy with variability depending on the severity of the collision and the weight of the passenger. Airbags have been known to be dangerous for children in the past, but the new smart airbag system keeps them safe. Other features such as anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control help to keep you and your family safe on the road.
  2. Fuel Efficiency
    Gas prices have been on the rise for some time, and there seems to be no relief in sight. Remember that with every passing day there’s less oil in the world, not more. You can expect gas prices to keep rising into the foreseeable future. Avoid becoming a slave to the high price of gasoline by purchasing a fuel efficient car to begin with. Smaller vehicles consume less gas, so you should consider a more compact car if possible. Hybrid electric vehicles are also becoming more popular due to their greater gas mileage and reduced emissions.
  3. Carrying Capacity
    While small cars can often work well for families, you do need to make sure your car has the carrying capacity you need. This doesn’t mean you need to opt for a gigantic gas-guzzling sport utility vehicle or minivan. The moments when that amount of space is needed are few and far between for most moms. Many cars are now built to accommodate larger interior space while maintaining a compact size. Find a car that suits your needs without going overboard.
  4. Insurance Rates
    Keep in mind that your insurance rates can fluctuate depending on the car you buy. Flashy cars that are more attractive to thieves will make your insurance rates go up, as will expensive foreign cars that use rare or non-standard parts. These cars present more of a risk to insurance providers because they are more likely to be targeted for theft, and more expensive to repair in the event of an accident. Unless you’re starting the hottest new limousine service Phoenix AZ has to offer, avoid the flashy luxury cars. To keep your insurance rates low look for a modest car with good safety ratings and low maintenance costs.
  5. New or Used
    One thing that many moms fail to consider when shopping for cars is whether to buy new or used. Lots of people operate under the assumption that a new car is a smarter purchase for those who can afford it. Because there have been no previous owners, you can be sure there’s nothing wrong with the car. Now while this is true, used cars can be found at greatly reduced prices in fine condition with plenty of life left. Cars are not investments, and buying new will not get you a high resale price down the road.

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