Are you someone who is transitioning from working in an office building to setting up one at home? Or maybe you’ve been looking around at the room that you’ve been calling your office and you feel like it’s time to actually make it look like one.

If you fit either of these descriptions, then you’ve come to the right article. Below, we are going to share the five things that we feel you should consider before you actually start designing your home office:

Are you in the right space? While a huge benefit of having a home office is that you can work from the comfort of your own home, at the same time, a big challenge is that you’re working in a house; a place where other people rest and play, sometimes during your “office hours”. Therefore, it’s important that you select a room that doesn’t have a lot of traffic in it and where people do not have to run back and forth past it in order to get to places like the living room and kitchen.

Does it make you feel comfortable? By this, we mean, is it big enough and can you logically fit in all of what you’ll need in order to be able to work productively? Although your home office will probably be one of the smaller rooms in the house, at the same time, you don’t want to feel cramped and uncomfortable. This means that you should really spend some time assessing the amount of room that you have and the kind of furniture that will be a good fit for it.

Where’s your light? Some people’s home offices have windows, but there are a lot of people’s that don’t. This is something to really think about because working in a room that doesn’t have adequate lighting, over time, can start to take a toll on your vision. Having a window is best, but if it’s not an option, make sure that purchasing and installing good lighting fixtures is a top priority.

What do you need? When it comes to decorating an office space, while it can be fun to explore different kinds of accessories, your top priority is actually whatever is needed in order for you to do your job. This means that you should make out a list of items that will be required. For instance, if you have a desktop but want more space and would like to use less electricity, you may want to budget in for a laptop. Or, if you need to keep some paper files along with your electronic ones, make sure to put some money aside for a file cabinet.

What’s your vision? Your office should reflect your personality and the services that you have to offer. So, when it comes to making decoration plans, the huge benefit is that you don’t have to settle for plain white walls and a folding chair. If you want to paint your walls green and hang up a couple of wall waterfalls, you are certainly welcome to do it. You’ll be spending quite a bit of time in that room, so make it one that you enjoy being in from the walls, to the furniture, to even the little accessories like your coffee mug, notebooks and pens. You don’t just want your home office to be s convenient place to go to, but a room that you can enjoy too!

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