Renting a living space is fine for a while, but how long can it really go on? This is a big concern for many work at home moms and it is a valid concern indeed. Are you and your family going to spend the rest of your lives living in apartments, shuffling from lease to lease, always wary of the rising cost of rent? Or are you going to find the ideal home and settle down? For mothers working from home, purchasing a house is not always as simple as it is for many others, but that’s no reason to count yourself out of the life you want.

The first thing work at home moms need to do when getting into the hunt for a home is start saving. Save anywhere you can. Cut costs on groceries, spend less on clothes for you and the kids, and even start being more energy conscious to save on your utilities each month. Lots of moms find it difficult to juggle all of their expenses and accumulate enough cash for a down payment on a house, but it can be done. Track your income while cutting expenses, establish a reasonable budget, and start building your down payment fund one deposit at a time.

Like most other people getting into the real estate market, you’re going to need to find a mortgage if you plan on purchasing a home. This may or may not be more difficult depending on your income and the nature of your work. Salaried workers often have an easier time obtaining mortgages from banks, while freelancers experience significant difficulties. If your at home work is freelance-based, then your income is likely somewhat erratic. This can be a turn-off for banks, but it doesn’t take you out of the game, especially if your income is relatively high and has been on the rise for a couple of years.

Start paying close attention to your tax returns. Not only will banks ask for these when considering you for a mortgage, but you also want to make sure you’re getting the most out of them for yourself. Be sure to account for all of your work-related expenses on your taxes, and get the credits you deserve for dependents if your children are living with you. The extra money you can save on your taxes could go directly into your down payment fund.

Remember that the real estate market is not easy to navigate, especially for work at home moms like you who may find it hard to make time between work and family matters. Utilize online resources like to keep tabs on real estate from your home office. Check out attractive neighborhoods in your spare time, and try to be as well-informed about the local market as possible.

Finally, never rush into a purchase and don’t settle for less. The home of your dreams is out there; it just might take a little longer for it to hit the market. Be patient and tenacious. With the right attitude, any work at home mom can purchase her own home.

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