People with a desire to give their home or workspace a new look every now and then, are always on the lookout for some affordable ways to renovate their homes and offices. Renovation or simply décor requires a lot of your time and effort but you don’t mind that as long as it is all affordable. I think one should be free to experiment and decorate their personal and commercial spaces any way they want, without worrying about their pocket. Yes, you can always come up with something expensive but if you are someone who loves to see change almost every year, then this certainly is not the wisest move. Renovation or décor of your home or office plays a vital role in creating an overall ambiance and atmosphere for people to feel comfy if it’s home or get more productive if it’s a work space.

Here are a few home décor tips which will not leave you broke. A good rule of thumb for doing so is to be creative, start reinventing things and do most of it yourself.

Research, Research, Research:

Not that we are asking you to start digging your house; this means do some research for the kind of décor you need. In order to do so, you can effortlessly seek help from the internet, look for ideas and themes you can easily implement. And as you look for ideas, search out some great sales, through which you can buy some of the basic stuff to help you get what you need at a reasonable price.

The Hunt:

The hunt is on, once you have an idea of what you need in this new look and feel of your house. Now start looking around for things that can be utilized and recycled and put to some good home décor use. Things that earlier seems like trash and you discarded them can now turn into accessories for a new look. Just pay a visit to your backyard or place a visit and you will be surprised to find many things you can use, like: vine bottles, broken tree branches, old cassettes, ladders, tyres and many more.

Plot a plan:

You have all your things ready and now all you need is to start the real work? Don’t be so quick with that, before you cover yourself in dust and sweat– plan everything out. Jumping right it with a proper plan has never been considered a good move. You don’t have to throw out every old thing because you’re changing the look, actually, you can utilize some of your old furnishing. So don’t start moving everything out at once. Start everything with a plan, with all the required details and measurements. Measurements, specifically are very important, have the right length, breadth and height of all your rooms, walls, windows and other areas to avoid any disappointments after you have purchased things in the wrong size.

Keep it less:

Now that you’re ready to start up some real work, you will realize it’s not as easy as you think. But, sticking to your theme and keeping things simple will easily take you forward. Don’t create a clutter or mess with everything stuffed in one space. You have to create a balance and coordination between colors, furnishing, flooring and accessorizing. A minimalistic yet elegant look can be achieved by just simple colors and neat assembling of things. Look out for what’s trending, the last time I checked, interior designers are now more into on filling rooms with natural sunlight, bright and feng shui-esque ambiance. Sheer curtains in the living room, roller shades in the bedroom can give you just the look on a budget.

The best tip to renovate your home sweet home even with a limited budget is to only spend on things you really need. This can only be achieved if you follow these simple and basic tips. There are no rules, when it comes to interior decoration but if your décor does not have what you wanted in it, then yes, it is a waste of time and money.

Author bio: Natalie McCatty is a passionate blogger who love to write about lifestyle related topics.

photo credit: pinterest

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