Teenage is indeed one of the most crucial junctures in an individual’s life. It does not just signify physical growth but it also represents the overall development of a person’s cognitive abilities and character. With most teens being branded as aggressive and assertive, it has increasingly become difficult for parents to manage their attitude, especially when it comes to driving. Teen driving undoubtedly can be a little brash; yet, technology can play a massive role in countering this fear of yours, while helping your teen drive safe. Enlisted here are five major tech tools which would go a long way in reining in the rash teens.

Bluetooth– Most teens are habitual of either talking on phone or texting their friends while they are driving. This turns out to be an extremely dangerous practice as mobile phones have been found to be the root cause of numerous road accidents. Thus, get your teenager a bluetooth. Being hands free in structure, it would not divert their attention while they are steering their vehicle. Moreover, being an enabling technology, it would automatically deter them from making excessive use of their phone while driving.

Text talk– With social networking websites registering a forward boom, it is extremely tough to get your teenager off them. They develop an incessant need to remain in touch with their peers, no matter where they go. As a solution, you can have your teen switch to the text talk technology. This way, they will not have to type- they will just need to speak. Their voice will be detected, converted into a written file and sent as a text to their friends.

Blue Link– The technology of blue link is nothing short of being a boon for the parents. It enables you to keep a certain check on your teenager. The moment they over speed or exit a prescribed geographical area, you are sent an instant alert. They will not even be aware that you have been notified of their exigencies via phone or text. Nonetheless, your concerned watch will always be on them.

My Key– The My Key technology is a literal extension of Blue Link. It helps you to set standards which define what would be the driving guidelines or privileges for your child. You can set a predefined speed limit and can even activate a system which sends warning signals to you. This way, your teens will always remain under your effective supervision and will prefer following the defined standards.

Breathalyzer– A breathalyzer is commonly used to measure the level of alcohol a person has consumed. By installing this system in your child’s car, he/she will need to breathe into it in order to make the car start. However, if the analyzer finds even a trace of alcohol, the interlock system would turn itself on, thereby preventing the teenager from driving. Moreover, you will be informed of this extravagance.

It is certainly difficult for parents to draw a fine line between being overprotective and indifferent. Nevertheless, with these technologies at hand you will definitely be able to ensure that your teen drives safely.


About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of cellphones. These days she is busy in writing articles on two varied topics like Twin Strollers and Mental disorders for her blogs.

Image source: safeteendriving.hubpages.com

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