While working from home is a great way to do the double duty of earning while you raise your kids, it likely won’t provide the same income you could expect if you worked in an office.  So if you’ve recently left behind the daily commutes and water-cooler gossip to take on the role of a work-at-home mom, you may be feeling the crunch in your budget.  You have a couple of options to make up the difference; you can either start to slash your expenditures or think of ways to supplement your earnings (or both).  Since you can only trim so much fat before you hit the bone, and you likely have a pretty flexible schedule, you may be wondering just what you could do to make a little more money on the side.  Here are a few earning opportunities you may want to pursue.

  1. Get crafty.  Most everyone has some sort of productive hobby.  Perhaps you like to knit, sew, or bake.  Maybe you make your own graphic or fashion tees, piece together scrapbooks, or bead beautiful necklaces and earring.  Whatever hobby makes you happy can also be used to bring in some bacon.  If you’re good at what you do (and quick, to boot) you may be able to sell your wares in local stores, either on commission or outright.  You could even consider creating an online store.
  2. Sell on commission.  You’ve no doubt been to Tupperware or Cookie Lee parties or seen the Mary Kay lady scouring the neighborhood in her powder-pink car.  Guess what?  That could be you.  Selling these items may not be super appealing if you’re a professional type, but it can actually be a lot of fun, especially if you get a group of girlfriends into it (and they get their friends on board).
  3. Babysit.  Since your kids are home anyway, why not give them some playmates (and make a little extra money at the same time)?  You don’t have to fill your house with kids (that might be illegal without a daycare license of some sort, anyway), but if you know a mom or two on your block who could use a little help while they’re at work, then you can offer your services for less than daycares charge, helping out your friends and earning a little moola under the table.
  4. Write for mommy blogs.  You’re practically an expert, and if you have a knack for literary pursuits, there’s no reason you can’t get paid for imparting your wealth of knowledge to other moms that could use a hand.
  5. Secret shopper.  While you could certainly take surveys for money online, you might be a little wary of all the scam artists out there.  Instead, consider signing up for a secret shopper organization that pays you to check out the local stores you might go to, anyway.  You simply walk in like any other customer, make a purchase, and then fill out a form to evaluate the experience.  You’ll have to take note of the environment, the personnel, and the products themselves, but if you have an eye for detail, this could be an easy way to make a little extra cash.

Image source:  earnmoneyonlinesimply.com

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