In this economy, so many people are looking for ways to find the best deal. There are a number of sites out there that can help you to save money- but where to look?

The following is a list of some of the best sites out there for finding great deals on the things you want and need. These are 5 sites that will help you save while shopping around on the internet.


Quite possibly one of the best resources on the internet when it comes to finding deals. Not only can you find a forum where users discuss the deals they’ve found, but much more. A free stuff forum brings samples and other goodies to your mailbox. Reviews tell you what deals are valid, and what deals fall short of what they should be. Very interactive, with not only listed deals but chatroom style forums for those who just want to have a discussion. The great thing about FatWallet is in the moderation, keeping repeats and expired deals from being posted.


The very first thing you notice about this site is that on the landing page, you can search for thousands of coupons from different stores. Tabbed sections reveal areas for not only on going deals, but for the Sunday specials, Black Friday deals and an interactive forum. Like Fatwallet, with Dealcatcher you will find people discussing the deals, and a free stuff forum.


This very simple website reveals some great bargains on almost anything you could ask for. One of the greatest things about the site is that they do not sell ad space. There are no distractions from the list of deals they have found. Of the sites that will help you save, this is one that offers very little in the way of distraction from getting you the hot deals you are trying to find. This also offers interactive forums where users can discuss the deals they have found and other various saving tips and tricks.


Another great interactive website for saving money. has all of the features of the above, and reveals “hot handpicked deals” right on the landing page. Store coupons and product deals are laid out in a simple, user friendly manner so that you can find the best deals and coupons you want. A search function also enables ease in finding online coupons. This site is very easy to use in finding great deals.


Offering deal trackers in a simple and easy to use manner, Ben’s Bargains has great offerings on the very first page. It is easily laid out, making it simple to find great prices on the things you need. A compare prices tool makes it easy to compare the different stores in a simply lined up fashion., and you can compare prices on a number of different vendors at once. Simple and clean, there are thousands of bargains to be had on this site.

When she’s not searching for bargains online, Louise Baker writes for a variety of websites on higher education, including The Chronicle of Higher Education, Guide to Online Schools, and Zen College Life.

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