Having a baby is a very exciting time of life, and for expectant parents, it’s a period of great joy. However, along with the excitement of having a baby also comes the stress of building the nursery, buying all the equipment and clothes, and ensuring that, before your new family member arrives, you have everything in place. And if you want to make shopping for baby clothes as easy as possible there are a few important things to remember.

Whether you know the sex of your baby or not, the essentials won’t be very different. Babies grow extremely fast, and so it’s important that when you’re out shopping you try and get a range of clothes to fit a range of sizes. In addition, every baby is different, and you may find that your new family member is large and doesn’t fit many clothes you’ve bought, or vice versa. As a general rule you should buy a complimentary range of newborn clothes and outfits for children between one and two months, ensuring that you have something that will be perfect. It’s also good to remember that you’re friends and family will also want to buy you gifts and outfits for the baby. If this is the case, ask them to buy specific items otherwise you could end up with hundreds of newborn baby clothes when it would have been better to have a range of clothes that could have been used throughout the year.

For your newborn, is essential that you have some small and snug baby clothes, along with mittens to stop babies scratching their faces with their tiny nails. It’s a good idea to buy items which have poppers around the legs and waist so that you can easily change nappies without having to completely undress little ones. In addition to nightwear, buy a baby sleeping bag which tots can be placed in at night so that they can’t kick sheets off and wake up because they’re cold.

With your new baby coming along you might well find it very hard not to buy every cute outfit you see. However, with babies growing so fast, and outfits getting dirty relatively quickly, it’s not a good idea to buy expensive clothes unless you really need them. If you’re strapped for cash, ask for the item as a gift or use the internet to search for discounts which will allow you to make savings. The internet is a great place to get deals, and you’ll find that many stores including Mothercare have some great online sales to help save the cash.

If you want to shop on the high street, it is best to go to specialist stores such as Mothercare or Mamas and Papas to buy clothes rather than general department stores which may do a baby range. This way you can compare a variety of clothes and take your favourites, instead of having nothing to compare items too, buying them, and then realising that you could have got something better. And whilst you should enjoy shopping for your new baby and buy the cutest outfits you can possible find, remember that your little one will grow out of clothes fast and you’ll need to think of the future too.

Image source:  realsimple.com

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