Working out of your own home is something of a blessing. When you conduct business at your house, you get to work on your own terms, and in a lot of ways wind up being your own boss even if you’re held accountable to someone else. There are so many perks that come with working out of your home that many of us, after doing so, decide that we’re ready to open up shop and run the show directly from our home offices. With all the perks that come out of operating your business from the comfort of your very own abode, one can very quickly and easily forget about the things that you’ll be responsible for when you’re the only person that’s running the show. There are actually a lot of reasons that working in an office is a good thing for many people, and the external enforcement of some serious structure is one of the things that plenty of workers actually can’t quite function without. You, on the other hand, are more of a shot-caller, and when you’re ready to start running things from your own headquarters at home, it’s important that you think about all the things you’ll need to successfully conduct your business. A phone line is one of the most important things on this list, and simply having a home phone number that’s already in existence probably won’t cut it. We’ll talk about why it’s important to have a dedicated phone line for your home-based business, and about what goes into setting one up if you’re curious.

For one thing, a phone line that’s dedicated to your small company is important for reasons that go beyond the ability to place and receive phone calls from other people. Having a dedicated phone line (with its own number, of course) is vastly important to things like business listings, professionalism, and the ever-important work/life balance. Those first two items are pretty self-explanatory — your operation will just seem more legitimate if it’s got its very own phone number. This also lets you turn off work mode entirely, which is vital to those of us who work from home. If you’ve got a separate line that you can completely ignore when you’re not working, you’ll be much more relaxed during your off hours.

Setting this up isn’t tough at all. Call your phone service provider if you’ve already got a hard line in your home, or look around for companies that have business accounts if you don’t. You’ll want to look for a bundled deal, because these will be the cheapest. When you find a plan that you like, you’ll usually have to sign a contract for one to three years — do this and then make your appointment. A technician should be able to show up within a week, and setup takes less than an hour. Setting up business phone numbers is easier than you might think, and a vital aspect of any home business.

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