You’re probably like most moms out there. You are busy juggling looking after the kids and maintaining the household. You may not feel 100% organized all the time, but you do have a routine now, and that’s left you thinking that you might have time to do something for yourself now; something that cures your “Mommy brain” and gets you engaging with the real world again.

Could starting an eBay business be the ultimate solution?

Why start an eBay business?

Not only does an eBay business allow you freedom in the hours you work, and allow you to work from home, it’s also easy and affordable to get started. In fact, you can get started without investing any money at all when you use the ‘drop shipping method’. I’ll get to this soon!

What you need to get started

A few hours each week. Preferably this will when the kids are at school or asleep so that you can work without interruption.

A computer with an internet connection, an eBay account and a PayPal account (both eBay and PayPal are free to join).

A few feedback scores on your eBay account. If you have bought and sold on eBay before, you will already have some feedback on your account. If you are new to eBay, it’s worth buying a couple of cheap items such as magazines or used clothing items to get a couple of feedback scores. Once you have built some feedback from buying items, you might also want to sell a couple of things from around the home to build further feedback (and earn a little cash as you go!).

A good supplier that you can trust. Once you have sold a few items from around the home, you will need to find yourself a supplier to source wholesale items from. This is when your eBay business really starts to take off! You might be thinking that you aren’t ready to invest in wholesale buying, and that’s OK because as I mentioned, you can use the drop shipping method which requires no money to get started!

When you use a drop ship supplier, you don’t actually stock any inventory, you just list the items the supplier has available and sell them without actually buying them first. Let me explain: When you make a sale, the buyer pays you, and then you pay the supplier the wholesale price of the item, keeping the profits for yourself. The supplier then “drop ships” the item direct to your buyer on your behalf.

Simple, right?

Drop shipping is a fantastic way to get started with an eBay business because it requires no monetary investment from you and the only thing you risk is your time.

Have you ever considered selling on eBay before? Share your experience below.

About the Author: Alice is an education specialist for SaleHoo connects over 92,000 eBay sellers and online retailers with suppliers all over the world. Their product range includes a wholesale supplier directory, eCommerce software and an online training course.

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