Although it can be pretty empowering to work at home, on your computer, if there is one great “con” that comes with having that kind of lifestyle it’s that it can definitely encourage you to become sedentary. You know, sitting for hours on end without getting much exercise.

Many health experts and personal trainers believe that in order to maintain a healthy state of well-being, we all should get at least 30 minutes of exercise three days per week. If you can’t remember the last time that you have had a half-hour of working out in the past month, then this article is definitely for you. Below, we have enclosed five tips for staying in shape, even if you are a sedentary Work-At-Home-Mom:

Have a “don’t procrastinate” plan. If you want to see changes in your life, you definitely need to have a plan. And by this we mean more than “Yeah, I’ll start working out…tomorrow.” Whether it’s morning or evening, write down a time when it’s best for you to get a bit of cardio and strength training in and then make a commitment to stick with the schedule that you make.

Walk for lunch. As you start to ease yourself into a workout routine, why not start out by using a part of your lunch break to talk a brisk walk outside? 15 minutes up and down your block is quick, easy and can do your heart a world of good.

Do something fun. Chances are, if you enjoyed running on the treadmill in your garage, you wouldn’t be reading this article. That said, being that you’re sitting at home all day, it might be fun to actually go out of your house in order to get some exercise. Perhaps you can sign up for some yoga or Pilates. Or you can join a local Rumba class. Or you can sign up for an intramural sport, some water aerobics or some personal training courses. Whatever it is, choose something that is good for your health but will also lighten up your spirit in the process.

Eat right. Being in shape is not just about working out, but the foods that you take in as well. It can be really easy to snack on chips and cookies and other kinds of junk food while sitting in your home office. But, if you want to keep those calories down, try going with some fresh fruits, raw or steamed vegetables and baked meats. Also, be careful about how much soda, wine or even juice that you drink. They are all loaded with sugar. Some water (even mineral water with a dash of lemon or lime juice) will suit you much better.

Pay attention to your closet. When you do have an event that calls for you to go outside of your house, if you find that your “perfect fit jeans” don’t really fit anymore, that’s a clue to take your cue that you need to implement all of the tips that we just mentioned. Our clothes tend to tell us a lot about our eating and exercising habits. Rather than getting into the cycle of “buying up” (in size), try taking some of the weight down, instead. Your body and your wallet will be eternally thankful that you did.

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