If you are all about Green Cleaning you must try the Ultimate Cloth!  I have had the opportunity to use the Ultimate Cloth and it is great for cleaning and polishing mirrors, windows, and windshields.  I have also used the cloth for vinyl cleaning and it works well!  This cloth does the job by not leaving streaks and spots.  I usually clean on Saturdays, and when I clean I deep clean by cleaning all the mirrors and windows in my home.  This cloth has made cleaning so much easier.  Before using this cloth, I would use paper towels and this left lint and dust on my mirrors and glass.  I would have to repeat the cleaning process to get rid of the lint and dust, which was time consuming.  Try this cloth and see the difference!  As a working mom with three children, who does not need a simpler way to clean?

About the Ultimate Cloth:

The Ultimate Cloth is an eco-friendly solution for homes as well as a money and time saver.  The Ultimate Cloth is a brand new technology – in fact, it is the only cloth to receive a new patent in the last 25 years.  The Ultimate Cloth is a simple, green and effective one-step cleaning process.  The Ultimate Cloth cleans any hard surface – glass, wood, granite, stainless steel and many more – with just water!  No longer do you have to use harsh chemicals in your home, nor do you need spend hundreds of dollars per year buying them.  The Ultimate Cloth has been lab tested to remove 96% of bacteria, without the use of chemicals.  And, can cut 50% off your cleaning time.  The Ultimate Cloth is truly the ultimate in green cleaning.

The best thing about the Ultimate Cloth is there are no chemicals and you do not have to use all the paper towels!  You can use the Ultimate Cloth over and over again.  The prices are great and this cloth will save you time and money!

One Ultimate Cloth retails for $6.  You will spend a lot more on paper towels or other cleaning cloths.

The Ultimate Cloth would also be excellent for using if you have a Cleaning Company.  The cloth is available in two sizes and also comes in value packs.

You can order the microfiber Ultimate Cloth today.  Check out the Ultimate Cloth site to order and for more details on this great product!  There is also a 100% money back guarantee!

I received no monetary compensation for this post.  Ultimate Cloth provided a sample product for my review.  The opinions herein are my own.

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