Managing a remote team is tough for any working mom. Juggling family life with work has never been easy, and things can get even more complicated when you have to communicate with your coworkers and employees over great distances. Unless everyone is on the same page with regards to all relevant business matters, things can quickly fall apart and make work much more difficult than it should be. One of the most pressing issues for many moms managing remote teams from home is outlining a work schedule. The holiday season presents a further complication here, as you may be wondering whether your remote team should work over the holidays.

Coordinating work over the holidays is going to be difficult for both you and your team. As much as the holiday season is supposed to be about the spirit of giving and the spreading of good cheer, it is a season of endless stresses for many moms–and the same goes for your team members. Not only are people everywhere spending lots of their time shopping and preparing for the holidays, but many will also be boarding planes to fly across the country and visit family or go on vacation. All of this can add up to a logistical nightmare for managing a remote team, so it may be easier to give yourself and your team a break.

However, business doesn’t slow down for the holidays in many sectors. More time off from work now is going to mean more time catching up later on. Coming back to a mountain of work after the holidays have ended may be as stressful for you and your team as simply working through the holidays. You also want to show your clients that you are reliable enough to get the job done no matter what. Some customers will not be as understanding as others about delayed work during the holiday season.

Some of your team members may even prefer to work over the holidays. Not everyone celebrates the same holidays, so a day off on Christmas may not be welcome or wanted for some workers. What’s more, when your team sees that everyone is getting time off from work for one holiday, they may feel that they’re getting a lousy deal by having their own holiday neglected. You could end up with different team members taking time off for different holidays, which will usually result in decreased productivity and further management difficulties.

Every business has its own unique features that will play into this decision. An order fulfillment service may have lots of work to do over the holidays, for example, while the work load for other kinds of companies will be comparatively low. Do your best to balance work with personal affairs and determine what is the best choice for your team. Working remotely over the holidays may be difficult, but it’s not impossible. If the workload is mellow enough during this season, it may be nice to offer your team some time off. However, if there is work to be done, let them know that they’ll have to stay on top of things.

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