Lighting is essential to good working habits, but are you getting enough? Great lighting improves eye sight, reduces eye strain, keeps employees alert and productive, and helps prevent accidents. These are well known facts across the corporate sphere, so any successful entrepreneur should look at lighting as an important part of building a strong business.

Establishing good lighting in your office also has side benefits, like the ability to grow plants from your desk. Good lighting brings life to the room, and its part of being healthy. Besides, you work at home to avoid those stuffy cubicles. Perhaps it’s time to move yourself to a room with a view?

Natural Light

Natural light is not just cost effective, it is actually necessary for survival. Without natural sunlight, you lose vitamin D and can develop problems with your bones, immune system and reproductive system over time. Your office should have a window near it, or failing that, take a walk at least once a day. If you have a window in your office, be sure to filter sunlight through blinds, or a screen.

Desk Lamps

It’s a good idea to have an articulated LED desk lamp that points directly at the work you’re doing to give you proper vision. A good guideline to follow for lighting is to place a dedicated light source next to any area that you will stay at for a prolonged amount of time. You can order replacement LED bulbs from stores online that might be cheaper than your local retail store, but in general LED bulbs will last long and provide vibrant light.

Avoid Exposure to Direct Light

Direct light for long periods of time can have unexpected consequences. If you’re easy to burn, you can harm yourself just trying to get through your day. Your computer might suffer heat damage also as you work with it. Your eye sight won’t be helped by sunshine in your face either, so try and move your desk to the side, or filter light through sheer curtains.

Lighting Efficiency

Keeping your house cool and the power bill low are important to any home office worker, and it’s easy to find that balance with a few subtle changes. Build your own lampshades with an LED light kit and paper ball for a low cost, energy efficient overhead lamp. A set of string lights from a site like will reduce energy usage and heat output while making your patio an attractive place for some late night work (or an at-home after hour party) while looking great and lighting the room.

If you have not already switched your windows out for new ones, you should consider it. The savings on your power bill will recoup the costs over time and new windows are not a bad investment. If you can’t afford to replace your windows, try a window film. Much like the tinting on a car window, window film can cover a surface and filter out some of the heat brought in by the sun at a fraction of the cost for replacing new windows.

The Energy Information Administration recommends that you ask an independent contractor or someone from your utility company to perform an energy audit. This person can help look for ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Preventing air-leakage around walls, windows and doors is a great way to reduce costs and you can check for it right now.

You should also look at whether your energy company can help you get funding to improve your home’s efficiency. Some states do participate in programs designed to encourage homeowners to weather proof their homes. This saves on recovery costs during a natural disaster and lowers over all energy consumption for the region.

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