As a work-at-home mom, mealtime is something of an endlessly recurring challenge. Like a domestic Prometheus, you’re challenged every single day with completing the same task anew — deliver a meal to your child or children, and do so in a way that doesn’t incur the wrath of a youngster who’s had the same thing too many times in the last week. Or perhaps your kids are fans of repetition, and don’t mind the same meal a few days in a row. Either way, staying at home, wrangling the kids, and making sure everything is taken care of around the house can be an incredibly exhausting existence, and meals that are prepared quickly and with a minimal amount of effort on your part are something of a rarified godsend. The good news for you is that we’re actually about to talk about a few different easy ideas that’ll help you dish up some quality eats for your hungry youngsters. These meals are (relatively) healthy and will take up a minimal amount of your time so you can get everyone fed and then get back to the number of other responsibilities that your life entails.

Kids and salad don’t exactly have the most storied friendship, but you can actually do a pretty easy job of changing that if you start working on it early enough, and one of the best ways to do it is also a relatively easy way to feed the family when dinnertime shows up. The cobb salad is maybe not exactly the utmost of health when it comes to a salad, but it’s loaded with goodies that might very well make your little ones forget they’re eating a salad. It’ll fill them up, too — hard-boiled egg, bleu cheese, bacon, avocado, and chicken make for a pretty good amount of sustenance and it’s a dish that’s pretty easy to toss together (pun intended).

The classic grilled cheese is another great dish that you can easily put a spin on so you’re not just serving your kids a plate full of bread and cheese. Add some more healthy options like maybe some chicken or tomatoes so that your grilled cheese can be a little more than a plate full of white bread and melted cheese. This is a really easy dish to prepare and can really get your kids into some healthy flavor combinations, too.

Tacos are another great meal that takes little preparation effort, and are also a great way to help your kids connect with the food they eat. You can prepare the ingredients and then set them out in various stations so your little ones can build their own meal. All you’re responsible for is prep and clean-up, which makes things relatively easy for you. Whether you’re looking to find pizza in Ohio or make the greatest sandwich ever in Flint, Michigan, there is a ton of ways to have a fun family dinner with minimal effort.

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