Every mom’s dream is to do what she loves from the comfort of her own home so that she can earn a living and advance her career even as she sees to the care of her children (rather than allowing them to be raised by strangers in a daycare facility). The modern woman wants it all and working from home can be a great way to co-mingle the personal and professional aspects of life. Unfortunately, it’s not all fun and games. Running a home-based business can present a host of challenges that are rarely (if ever) encountered in outside employment. So before you decide to submit your resignation, you may want to consider some of the pros and cons of becoming a work-at-home mom.

Let’s start with the positive aspects of bringing home the bacon…from home. Probably the biggest draw for most women is the ability to set a flexible schedule. An office setting usually comes with mandatory hours for attendance (the infamous nine to five). This can be a terrible burden to mothers with little ones since it requires some sort of daycare arrangement, which can be costly both financially and emotionally. Working from home allows you the freedom to raise children yourself, take time off when needed, and juggle a schedule around daily family requirements. In addition, you can work as much or as little as you want, which can be a great relief considering the myriad responsibilities that require your attention. Finally, working at home allows you to leave the stresses of office politics and bossy bosses behind since you will most likely be working for the best employer in the universe; yourself.

On the flip side, working at home can be extremely challenging. A strong sense of self-motivation is an absolute necessity since you will be setting your own hours (and there’s no one to push you to complete tasks). In addition, you may face continual distractions from a husband who wants you to run errands, children that need attention, and friends who call non-stop simply because you’re home. You may start to feel like you’re operating in the middle of Grand Central Station! In addition, you won’t have a boss feeding you work. This sounds great until you realize that you have to hustle to get paying jobs, a facet of freelance that can be both daunting and frustrating. Finally, you may realize that although you eagerly anticipated the socialization that a flexible schedule would allow (lunches and manicures with the girls, regular yoga classes at the gym), you can barely find the time to shower and get dressed each day. Working from home can be extremely isolating!

However, the challenges of becoming a work-at-home mom pale in comparison to the benefits. Certainly you will have to learn to plan a schedule, set clear boundaries between work and family time, motivate yourself to find employment and complete tasks in a timely manner, and resist the temptation to attend your job in your pajamas on a daily basis. But in the long run, you will not only be able to pay the bills, you can also witness all of your child’s firsts and be a big part of their life during the formative years. The trials of working from home can be overcome with determination and perseverance, but how many jobs will allow you to bring your kids to work?

Jennifer Kardish is a writer for Medical Coding where you can brose medical coding schools and industry jobs.

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