Having a baby is one of the biggest chapters of life, a chapter that forever changes the rest of the story.  It’s a cliché you hear in many of life’s little chapters but being prepared makes things much easier including preparing for the birth of your baby.  The last thing a working mom needs is more piled onto her plate; the last thing a pregnant working mom needs is to worry about the pregnancy more than necessary.  A pregnancy doesn’t necessarily make life tougher but it does require adapting to some changes and making preparations for your coming newborn.

What is one thing most people say they have to have on them at all times nowadays?  The phone and the access it brings to all the information out there.  If you are pregnant and wanting to stay on top of all the little things you need to do before the birth of your baby, your phone can act as your checklist.  Downloading the new Insception iPregnancy app gives you access to a whole list of questions and answers so you can stay well informed and make decisions that are the best thing to do for you and your family.

There are a lot of changes to your lifestyle and additions to your daily schedule that go along with preparing for the birth of a baby so a checklist is a great way to stay on top of everything.  Whether keeping track of appointments to researching maternity leave, the Insception iPregnancy app is a useful tool to help you put time on your side.  You can choose what features of the app are most important to you and link them into your phone’s calendar to act as reminders on important dates.  By putting a checklist together and getting a handle on how to manage time throughout your pregnancy, your life doesn’t get taken over by last minute preparations; you can program your phone to give you a head start.

Technology is annoying when it doesn’t work but when it offers a few extra conveniences, it makes life that much easier.  Make the miracle of birth exactly as the term describes by taking away the last minute scrambling; let your phone guide you on your way.

Image source: bellyitchblog.com

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