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Moms are busier than ever today. Between play dates, school, and extracurricular activities as well as normal family life, finding time to fit anything else in is extremely difficult. We all want our children to have the best education possible. They need to be well rounded with many talents to help them get through life. Well, that is what we hope as we raise them in any case.

When you have more than one child, fitting all of their activities into your schedule becomes a nightmare. Sometimes you just need to juggle and refit until you can squeeze them in and pray for the best. If you live in NY, you know that traffic can create a mess of your schedule, and it is easier to do things as close to home as possible. There are things that you can do from home, that can help make things just a little bit easier.

Private piano lessons at home instead of in a studio are great for multi-tasking. The instructor comes to your house and gives your child their lessons and you can over see it, while taking care of necessary tasks at home. This as a win/win situation.

Learning to play the piano should be fun as well as instructive for children and doing this at home can make them feel more comfortable. Not to mention that they are better able to practice if you actually have a piano and they are accustomed to learning on it. Your child should be able to read numbers up to five and their alphabet through G.

You child should also be able to sit still for ten to fifteen minutes so as to be able to absorb what the instructor is trying to teach them. Being involved in all aspects of your child’s education is very important. You have to be their cheerleader and encourage them as much as possible. This is especially true with piano lessons. Don’t be discouraged if they tell you they want to quit. Compromise with them and find a way to stick it out together. They will thank you later on in life.

Make sure to schedule practice for their piano lessons the same way you schedule practice for everything else in their lives. As you well know, children thrive much better on a consistent schedule. Make sure you play music that will help them learn through hearing as well. Playing classical music for your children from birth or even before will help them in all aspects of their education. This is a proven scientific fact. It will also broaden their horizons and not limit them to only what is popular on the radio at the time.

There is an old saying. Work smarter, not harder. Teach your kids this by example. Whether it is by showing them how to do something or explaining to them why you do certain things in a certain manner ( like that schedule). It will help them through their school career and throughout life in general, no matter what they endeavor to do. Most of all, HAVE FUN!

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