If you run a home business, there’s likely been a time when you guessed how much a parcel weighed and how much postage it required.

Too much postage means you’ve overpaid (as if your budget wasn’t tight already), and too little postage means delivery to your customer is delayed.

The pbSmartPostage online stamp tool takes away the guess work and can help you save up to 20% a year on postage costs.

You need only log in, weigh your mail and buy the exact amount of postage you need. pbSmartPostage even gives you access to discounted rates on select USPS services. Think about it – no more trips to and from the Post Office to buy stamps!

Plus, before your mail is shipped, pbSmartPostage provides free automatic address verification. Less returned mail means less delays and wasted postage.

Once your parcel is in the mail, you can log in to pbSmartPostage to track and trace your package online and receive email updates. See the full features list.

And for added convenience, no software or downloads are required to use the tool. Simply log into the cloud-based application from an Internet-connected PC, anytime, anywhere, to manage your shipping and mailing.

Interested WAHMs can try pbSmartPostage free today. Simply pick the plan of your choice to get started.

Image source:  pbSmartPostage

I received no products or monetary compensation for this post.  Just spreading the word about an online postage tool (resource).  Article provided by pbSmartPostage.

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