As a work at home mom–I continue to be on the look out for easy ways to make extra money online.  YouData will pay you to read ads online.  The sign up is easy and free!

You do not need to give them your address to sign up but you will need a PayPal account to get paid.  The ads are viewed through the Adget Tab–you can log on to view the ads or you can install their toolbar to be notified of ads.  You earn money by viewing the ads and by clicking the links to jump to the advertiser’s website.  So remember to keep checking for new ads to view every week so you can get paid.  You can also earn extra money for referring your family and friends and they can earn too!  I signed up and within 1 minute I had $1.49 in my account, which will add up pretty quick!  At this rate, you can easily make $25 to $85 or more a month depending on how many ads you view–how great is that!  Easy money for simply viewing ads.

So if you are need of a little cash or would like to increase your income–Click YouData to sign up today!  It’s real.  They pay.  You should check it out .  Just remember when you fill out the survey questions–fill in as many questions as you can so you can receive more ads to view, which means more money for you!


Taken from YouData- Currently YouData is not available outside of the U.S.  YouData requires a mobile phone number to assist us in preventing any individual from creating more than one MeFile in the system. We only use it to send you an activation code at your request. We do not share your information with anyone else.  We currently only support the phone companies that are listed. Unfortunately, this currently excludes popular pre-paid carriers like Net10 and TracFone. We hear your requests and will be working on expanding the coverage to include many more carriers but have not yet announced when they will become available.

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