Obsidian beads come from volcanic silica glass that can be found in many locations around the world. This type of glass is not as fragile as window glass so you don’t need to be concerned about it being too delicate to work with. People have been working with obsidian beads for a very long time because these beads are ideal for jewelry making.

It is the magnesium and the iron present in this glass that provides obsidian beads with their coloring that ranges from a dark green or brown to the most well-known black. Other color schemes such as golden coloring, a rainbow effect, and white patches like snowflakes may also be seen in obsidian beads thanks to various effects of the lava and the cooling process.

The coloring of obsidian is unique and exotic and is a large part of the reason why these beads are so sought after. This substance has been prized throughout history being used as a tool, a weapon, and a ceremonial object and is highly prized by jewelry makers today. Its rich, dark appearance and exotic allure make it too enticing to pass up.

The metaphysical properties attributed to obsidian include protection, grounding, shielding against negativity, gaining awareness of one’s spiritual side, and the bringing of positive energy and love into one’s life.

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