When it comes to working from home writers often get overlooked. However you can make a good living writing. All it takes is the right connections and a little effort. It used to be that you could only get paid if your work was published in a magazine or book. Today with the use of the internet moms have a great opportunity to make money as writers. There are so many mommy blogs out there and then there is freelance writing.


Though the traditional magazine business is still hard for writers to break into, you can always find online versions that are more than glad to have you write for them. Of course they do not pay as much, but you can build up your experience and get published right away!


Blogging can be a profitable way for moms to earn some extra money. You can set up a blog for free on sites like WordPress and Blogger and get started right away. Blogs are easy to set up and get going even if you are not very technologically savvy. You can make money on your blogs by putting ads on there through Adsense or other ad companies. You can also sell your own products like crafts or books.


Freelance writing has been made easy with the development of sites that connect writers with jobs like and All you have to do to get writing jobs is fill out their application and send in some information to prove that you really want to work. They will even send you tax paperwork at the end of the year! Find writing projects, build your skills and even edit to make money with these sites. Best of all they pay through Paypal which mean you get your money fast!

There are many ways a mom can make money through writing nowadays. If you love to write and feel like you have something to say, why not give it a shot? You might be surprised at how much you can make!

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