Do you love fashion, beauty and decor?

I would like to introduce my other blog site- Moms With Style.  I started this blog for moms who enjoy fashion, beauty and decor.  This blog was created in May 2009, but post were limited due to my busy schedule and focus on this blog.  I am now able to update my other blog more frequently.  As a busy mom we must find a balance in all we do.  My love for blogging and providing resources keeps me going.

Check out my other blog Moms With Style for featured stylish moms, beauty tips, beauty products and home decor.   Also, if you are a member, follow me on Bloglovin, which is another great social network to meet new blogger friends.

***UPDATE: I have decided to merge my two blogs after much consideration- both go hand in hand and are dedicated to moms.  See category- Home Design.

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