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Many Moms prefer working from home. There could be several reasons for this. One of the main reasons is that they want to be present at home to take care of their young children. Most moms take a break from full time work for a few months during their maternity. Many moms may need to extend their maternity leaves due to various reasons. Most moms take additional leave to take care of their infants. Some of them even quit their full time jobs with an intention of returning at a later stage. Many women seek jobs which allow them to work from home full-time or part-time.

Moms who are eligible for Disability Living Allowance may choose to stop working because they are entitled for a DLA benefit. This is expected to change over the next three years and a new scheme on Personal Independence Payment is being brought in. For more information on this, contact the DLA Phone Number.

Women work from home because they think that any additional income they bring could be a great help to their families. Usually in big cities, a single income is not sufficient to send kids to good schools and obtain high quality healthcare services. Hence many moms decide to work from home. Working from home allows a woman to devote her time to family and also contribute to the economy. They do this because they don’t see the need to sacrifice their career just for being with their kids. Working from home works fine for such moms. With the emergence of internet and freelancing opportunities, there are many jobs which don’t demand physical presence. The number of remote workers around the world has been rising steadily over the years.

Many bigger corporations also encourage the concept of work from home. This is also a blessing in disguise for the companies. Companies save on the costs associated with the space allocation. They also save costs on other infrastructure aspects like power etc. Hence many companies are known to encourage women to work from home. Moms are able to seek and obtain employment in companies which allow full time work from home.

Women are generally involved in many activities such as cooking, raising children etc. Hence going to an office for work may not be feasible in most cases. This is especially true when children are young and parents are unable to employ full time nannies. In many cases, moms prefer to raise their kids on their own rather than seeking outside help. In some countries there is a concept of home-schooling children. In such situations, working from home makes sense for moms. They also save on tuition fees at schools. Home-schooling is also done when parents feel that they are better qualified to teach their children.

Moms work from home because it is convenient. They save commutation time. In most cities, offices are located at a considerable distance from the residential areas. In such cases, moms are able to save close to 2-4 hours each day by avoiding commuting. In some cases, moms work from home when they have some special conditions. For more information on such cases, please contact the DLA Phone Number as the existing system of DLA (Disability Living Allowance) is planned to be replaced with a new system.

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The author is a mom of two kids who works from home. She writes tips time-management and leisure for work at home moms.

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