There’s something that I have wanted to change, because it has bothered me for the longest time, I just didn’t know how. Maybe it’s a thorn in your eye too, and this will give you an out, as it did for me. I just did not like the super modern look of my home security panel in my antique inspired home. It didn’t match and now it does. Don’t get me wrong I’m well aware of the fact that times aren’t as safe as we’d like them to be and that crime rates are on the rise, together with the population. I’m more than grateful to have a state of the art home security system by ADT Phoenix, Arizona, I just don’t want it ruining the aesthetic of my home. 


The solution I came up with for my home is easy to replicate and very affordable, not to mention adaptable to any style or taste.  Another bonus is that, by masking the panel, you are also keeping it out of sight for potential thieves. Burglars rarely enter a house they aren’t familiar with, because of the potential danger of an alarm-system giving them away. The less others know about you and your home, the better for your security. But enough of that, let’s get to work and see how to solve the problem!

Lumber it Up!

Use a hinged wood box, it can be an old cigar box or a new, unfinished wood box , at least 1” larger all around, than your security system panel. You can find these in most arts&crafts departments or shops. If you get one double the size of your panel you can integrate hooks to hang your keys.

  • Draw the outlines of your panel onto the backside of the wood box. If you are going to include the key board, make the drawing as close as possible to the part you designate as the bottom.
  • Now, saw out the marked part.
  • Mark the points on the back of the box where you are going to attach the box to the wall, to allow for the key board, if you are adding it on.
  • Drill the holes for the attachment screws.
  • Screw or paste the hooks, for the keys, depending on what kind  you purchase, to the very top of the inside of your box.


Put on the Make-Up

You can decorate your camo-box anyway you like to enhance the beauty of your home. There’s nothing like a good make-up to show off your good looks. Here a few ideas;

  • Paint it
  • Be-dazzle it
  • Decorate it with shells, glass or dried flowers
  • Cover it in a nice fabric
  • Cover it with a collage of your family pics

Your turn. Have fun coming up with your own take on the camo-box and share it! Just remember Rachel Zoe’s words when you start your project; “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

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