Simple tools to help you juggle

Your cell phone can either help you manage your work/family balance, or it can be one of your biggest battlegrounds. Here are a few of our favorite organization apps, so you can get your work done quickly, and then leave it all behind to spend time with the family.

1. Evernote (Android, iOS)

Evernote allows you to save photo, video, audio, and text notes to keep ideas and inspiration fresh, as well as organizing the boring details of your life so they occupy less of your attention. Great for grocery lists, business cards, and other scraps of paper that can often fill your purse or wallet. (Cost: free)

2. Cozi Family Calendar (Android, iOS)

The Cozi app maintains a calendar in constant sync between all your family’s phones, so that nobody misses recitals, checkups, or important errands. You can also use it to coordinate rules and chores, so that no one forgets to feed the pets or check up on homework. (Cost: free)

3. Epicurious (Android, iOS)

One of the most important ways working parents can make time for family is at the dinner table—and for those intimidated by the prospect of having to cook, Epicurious does a lot of the heavy lifting. The app provides step-by-step directions including grocery lists, multiple kitchen timers, and professionally-curated recipes to make dinner almost impossible to mess up. (Cost: free)

4. Chore Hero (iOS)

Chores are another part of family life that can be difficult for working parents to organize; Chore Hero allows you to create a point system and assign daily and weekly chores, to make sure everyone contributes. Whether you like incentivizing chores or just assigning them as responsibilities, Chore Hero has the versatility to accommodate your parenting style. (Cost: $2.99)

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