Mothers who work at home do so for a variety of reasons.  Spending time with your children while maintaining or even increasing income is a huge benefit to many moms who have the joy and responsibility of family, but can’t afford to lose the money they make or  their impetus on the career track.  Most women also don’t particularly mind giving up a commute, and appreciate setting their own hours according to the demands of their personal lives.  But the downside can be isolation, daily distractions, and knowing that you’re not going to be up for the company promotion anytime soon.  A great way to offset feeling like you’re in solitary confinement with these issues is to meet other mothers who choose or need to work from their homes, be it as a freelancer, consultant, or business owner.  But how?

1.  Forums.

Searching the internet for the many WAHM forums available provides the opportunity to join in on discussion boards addressing a wide variety of topics.  You can take part in general online conversations, chat about how to advance your business, share comments on what kind of a week you’re having, or discuss the problems all parents face.  Forums are the “village square” of the modern age and can provide a quick mental pick-me-up or start a treasured friendship.

2.  Conferences.

Business conferences or seminars are a terrific meeting ground for connecting with other WAHMS as well as professional women in your particular field.  Local universities often list seminars in catalogues or on their websites and you can check with your Chamber of Commerce for upcoming get-togethers.  Online directory searches specific to your topic of interest can also yield productive results.  And you can always give your own seminar…it’s easier than you think!

3.  Facebook.

Facebook provides an opportunity to explore the many facets of social networking.  Find clubs, monthly meetings, or community pages where you can link with work-at-home mothers by simply typing WAHM in the search bar and seeing where it takes you.  As more people and organizations join Facebook daily, it becomes more widely diversified for everyone who wants to meet others with common interests.

4.  Twitter.

A rich source of communication and quickly updated information, Twitter is the way to get instant dialogues going with those from all walks of life, WAHMs included.  Whether it’s personal or professional, you can expand your horizons as well as your circle of friends by accessing new contacts through Twitter.

5.  Chat Rooms.

Simply Googling “Chat Rooms for WAHMs” will net you a plethora of choices in the arena of online exchanges.  If you run your own business from home, you can get the word out on it, or find WAHMs you may want to do business with.  Chat rooms can be a “meet and greet” experience, or a  place to hold an online business meeting.  Resources, information, and expos are also available and it’s easy to find parties, classes, and events hosted for those interested in participating.  And it can be the perfect place for a WAHM with a busy schedule to find support and friendly interactions that will make the decision to work from home as you parent your children something you’ll love.

Jennifer Kardish writes for Tour Dust, an adventure travel website for independent travelers who are looking to book holidays and tours from expert local tour operators.

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