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If you ran a large corporation you might hire a company that specializes in conducting surveys to test customer satisfaction for you. But since you’re a work-at-home mom managing your own small business, chances are you have better ways to allocate your limited resources. That said, you might still like to know whether or not your customers are happy with the product you’re delivering, as well as how likely they are to use your services again and/or recommend you to others. But since you’re probably no expert in this aspect of business operations, focused as you are on finding clients and getting the work done in the first place, you might not have the faintest ideas as to how to go about determining the level of satisfaction your customers feel. So here are just a few ways you might get started.

The easiest option, of course, is to go straight to the source. When you receive payment for a job, simply shoot off an email to your client thanking them for their business and asking whether or not they were satisfied with your work. The only problem with using this direct method is that people might not want to tell you to your face that they didn’t like the work you did and that they won’t be back. And if they found your work to be adequate, they simply may not bother to reply. Even if you do get a response you might not exactly get the level of information you’re seeking. And while you could certainly send a survey of some sort, there is still the issue of anonymity.

Instead, you could consider providing a survey option on your website that allows customers to comment on your service anonymously (or put their name if they feel like it). You could make this a public forum in the hopes that your work will speak for itself and encourage customers to leave positive reviews. Or you could set up a variety of options to provide the solutions dissatisfied customers might seek. The best option here is probably to offer contact information via an email address specifically for problem resolution. This will allow you to address individual concerns as you are able within your current work/family schedule. Although modern options offer you the ability to set up an automated voice system that eventually leads to an operator, or to offer live chat, you might not want these distractions while you work.

So realistically, you’re down to a survey and a way for customers to contact you with complaints. With limited time and resources on your side it’s probably a good idea to pare it down to the essentials, at least until you’re making enough money to hire some help in this department. Just remember to ask targeted questions pertaining to customer likes and dislikes, their overall satisfaction, their likelihood of using your service again and recommending you to others, and of course, any suggestions they might have. When it comes to measuring customer satisfaction you don’t necessarily have to reinvent the wheel, but you do need to make at least a minimum effort to gage each customer’s reaction to your work. And you need to whatever you can to ensure their satisfaction with every interaction.

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